Balance Weights and Motorsport

Many types of craft use weight in order to create balance or to alter the performance of the machine. The oldest use is in boats that might add weight to the bottom for stability. Air balloons use bags of sand in order to control their ascent, and modern day airplanes use balancing weights to offset the uneven distribution of internal components.There is such a thing as balance motorsport drivers use. 

Extra information about balance motorsport

Race cars are capable of very high speeds that ordinary drivers are unlikely to experience. Because race tracks can involve tight turns, the distribution of weight in the vehicle can greatly affect its handling. Added weight in the center might slow down the rotation speed of the front while increasing the likelihood that the rear will rotate. Placing weight in the center of the car might improve handling.

One reason to add ballast to a sports car is to increase its weight to a minimum. Most sports cars are designed to minimize weight. Many luxury systems are torn out, and the frame of the car might be built to be more lightweight than a road vehicle. Lighter cars can accelerate more quickly, and this is just one advantage. It is easier to add ballast for a regulation than to be stuck with added weight. 

Ballast can also be added to change the handling of cars in different starting positions. Cars in the front might be given uneven weights in order to create a handicap to compensate for a better starting position. The British Touring Car Championship actually gives a handicap to successful drivers in a previous race in order to make it harder for them to win the next race.

Formula One races almost always use ballast. Individual cars might have their own weight balance, and the use of additional weight might cause different cars to behave similarly. Individual races might have their own terms for using balancing weight. Formula One cars usually place ballast on the lower frame of their vehicles, on the underside, in order to lower the center of gravity.

Tung sten is a heavy metal and is often used as ballast in Formula One races. The location at the bottom of the frame improves handling when making turns at high speed. This creates a competitive advantage, but it might also be good for safety. A lower center of gravity means that a high-speed car is less likely to flip over.